Hear Ye the Voice of the Goddess

How do you see the Goddess? The Divine Feminine spoken of in Wicca and other Pagan religions? Monolithic woman, the essence of femaleness, the open-armed Mother?I relate better to male Gods, but I recently had an experience that reminded me of how I found the Goddess so many years ago. Not her name, or stories. Not Pagan literature, but her bright spirit. It was through a specific type of music.There used to be this alternative rock station in Atlanta called 99X. Once I achieved some … [Read more...]

13 Songs to Celebrate Yule, Solstice and Saturnalia!

I have chosen a solitary Solstice this year. So much bombards us every day. Ads. Music. Shoppers. Noise. News. Chaos. Stress. Even I, who completely bowed out of the obligatory family Christmas and avoid stores, is still feeling the intrusion of this commercial juggernaut of the holiday season.So this solstice playlist is themed for the quiet, restful, joyous and solitary celebration of the season. It's about letting go of the darkness. Of flying into the future.So I recommend finding a … [Read more...]

Top Ten Things This Pagan Is Doing Come The Rapture

Since Lettermen seems to be allergic to funny lately, I've decided to write my own Top Ten List today. After all, it's predicted the Rapture will happen at 6 pm tonight. PST, I think.10. Staying Off The Roads TonightLet's face it: the majority of folks in the US are Christian, and should the Rapture come this evening a bunch of cars, trains, planes and other heavy machinery suddenly without a driver. Nothing says creepy like a semi-driver suddenly called to Jesus on the interstate.9. Dibs … [Read more...]