Relying On Faith

I need to start this post with this note before getting on with the topic at hand. When I wrote about realizing that traditional Witchcraft was a Mystery Tradition and not a religion, I received a lot of positive feedback from trad folk. It was an odd thing, because they seemed to not understand I was in a very real way rejecting Wicca and traditional Witchcraft. My Craft experience was positive, and my initiation profoundly meaningful, and I recommend the experience to anyone, but for me it … [Read more...]

I Am Not Going To Blog Today <—- This Is A Lie

I've spent the past week being far more social than I normally am, and last night I went to a friend's birthday party. It was lovely, the people I have been spending time with are lovely, but I'm exhausted.Being social is something I've been more mindful of since I self-diagnosed as Asperger's. I have always pushed myself to be social and worked hard at it all my life. I try not to turn down a social opportunity if I can help it, but sometimes it's just too much. I am overwhelmed and … [Read more...]

Traditional Witchcraft on the Internet

I get some weird messages online. Sometimes it's the worst kind of gossip attributing disgusting and malicious acts to people who would surely be in prison if such things were true. Sometimes it's people offering to be my secret occult advisor or who claim special knowledge because they own Gerald Gardner's old chamber pot. Those are messages I can generally safely ignore. Sometimes, though, people have a weird idea in their heads, and it's an idea I hear repeated until I feel compelled to write … [Read more...]

Why Initiation Made Me Love Solitary Wicca

Some of the shock and bewilderment have passed, I'm eating solid foods and life is sort-of back to normal. Some folks wanted me to unpack my experience a bit, and I've had some interesting insights that I can share, so here goes:Even if my initiation wasn't oathbound, I still really couldn't tell you about it. Some human experiences can't be effectively communicated. I'd imagine giving birth or losing a loved one to a wasting disease are good examples of those kinds of experiences. You can … [Read more...]

Let me tell you all about it…

Or not.See, I thought I could at least unpack my feelings regarding initiation without revealing anything oathbound, but I can't see any way to do that. Not in any useful fashion. But I can tell you a few useful things. You will likely be disappointed.Initiation is not for the faint of heart or half-hearted.If you honestly can't enter in perfect love and perfect trust, you'd better not attempt it.If you find a coven/tradition that you respect, love and cherish, it is an entirely … [Read more...]

Today is the Day

Today I get initiated. I know a lot of you are tired of reading about this and ready for me to go back to talking about other things. I respect that and will be back to other topics soon. For those who find this interesting, here is what will happen to me today:First of all, I have fasted for two days. Not a strict water fast, but I've drastically modified my diet. I'm trying to push my body without crippling it. Today all I will have with me is water and some nuts, and I'm going to try not … [Read more...]

Can I get a Witness?

It's the last day of the lunar cycle, the moon is in Virgo, it's raining and I would love to curl up under a quilt with a book. It's one of those reflective, misty sort of days that make you crave chili and stew. It's also less than two weeks to my initiation.Despite being a blogging loudmouth, I don't like attention. I don't want to be the center of anything. I cringe up and want to hide when waiters decide to sing me Happy Birthday, much to family and friends delight. If I have to speak in … [Read more...]

Is Initiation a Betrayal? and other odd questions…

I'm getting antsy. I'm getting cold feet. I'm going a bit insane. I am told this is normal, as my initiation is just a month away.Last night I called my priestess to see if there was something I could work on or study to prepare and keep my mind busy. She laughed, like I knew she would, because reading and overthinking is how I deal with things. She said meditation is always good for anxiety, but what I was experiencing is a normal part of the process and I need to accept that.I knew she … [Read more...]

Initiation: A Love Letter

The past two weekends I've been sorely tempted to write about things I find on the internet that make me despair of my community. From teachers whose "principles" require a fealty oath to their person, to people once again hating on Wicca, to people defining Wicca as spiritual silly putty. Maybe I should write about those things, but I just don't need to weigh down my soul with that right now. Instead, I'd like to tell you about why I petitioned for initiation into Traditional Witchcraft.1. … [Read more...]

Wicca Series: Initiatory Wicca still matter?

Every Monday and Friday in January we will be asking people questions about Wicca. Want to weigh in? Find the next question at the bottom of this post! With the increased access to information and growing numbers of solitaries, does initiatory Wicca still have something to offer? *Once again everyone is speaking from their own point of view and not that of their traditions. The songs this time may seem a bit odd, but I chose popular music that … [Read more...]