A Quick Note on Sincerity Vs Competence

I have a house full of Wiccans playing in the dirt and working on the sacred space, so I'm going to keep this short.A few days ago Phaedra Bonewits tweeted a quote from her late husband, and some people took offense. It was a minor kerfuffle and not worth linking to. But the quote itself I think is worthy of meditation. "Sincerity does not equal competence." - Isaac Bonewits When you value sincerity over competence, community centers go bankrupt and fail.When you value sincerity over … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Component of Autism

The response to my last post on autism and Asperger's really overwhelmed me. I didn't expect to get such a positive response. I was literally bracing myself for the worst. The post seemed to touch a lot of people, particularly women who believe they may be on the spectrum. Just being able to make one person feel less alone made that post worth publishing.I've been thinking about the connection between autism and spirituality. The first and most obvious connection is that religion and … [Read more...]

Isaac Bonewits, Hail and Farewell!

This morning Pagan elder Isaac Bonewits crossed over to the Summerlands. I never really knew Isaac but like many modern Pagans I certainly felt his influence. There is a lovely eulogy for Isaac on The Wild Hunt this morning that is far more eloquent than I am capable of today.Here is also a video tribute created by ADF Vice Archdruid Seamus:I honor Isaac for his contributions to Modern Paganism, for his tireless efforts on behalf of his spiritual community and for his good humor and … [Read more...]