First Japan, Now The Daily Show

Over $32,000 was raised by the Pagan community for Doctors Without Borders relief efforts in Japan and donations are still trickling in. That's amazing. It's proof-positive that despite our differences, Pagans can work together to create positive change in the world.Which is why I have no doubt that we can accomplish another worthwhile goal: getting Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt on The Daily Show to provide a different perspective on David Barton and the challenges facing minority … [Read more...]

Final Push for Pagan/Japan Relief Effort

Reprinted with permission from PNC-Minnesota.The fundraising effort by the Pagan community for the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan heads into its final push this weekend.  The goal is set at $30,000 and as of press time, $28,631 has been raised since the effort began on the 14th of March. Peter DybingPeter Dybing, First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, has set up a fundraising page to gather donations from Pagans to send to … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: What Pagans Can Accomplish & Goddessy Gaga

Pagans Supporting JapanIt's a good time to be Pagan. I'm very proud of our community. Peter Dybing's fundraising efforts for Doctors Without Borders have raised over $23,000 and this week is the home stretch to reach the $30,000 goal. I wouldn't have thought it possible that we could have raised so much so quickly. It's a beacon shining forth of what Pagans, Wiccans, Heathens, Recons and all the other fabulous folks who make up our communities can accomplish together. Please contribute what … [Read more...]

There Is Healing Water Enough For All

It snowed today in St. Louis. We were expecting a few big flakes—the “size of hamsters,” according to one meteorologist—mixed with mostly rain. But it's March in the Midwest, and cold air can be stubborn as it lurks at ground level.And as this water first flowed and then drifted from the sky to cover the pioneering spring leaves, Water came with it. For the first time in weeks I awoke feeling love and gratitude flowing into me, out from me, and all around.I've been feeling overwhelmed by larg … [Read more...]

Pagans Standing By Japan: How You Can Help

On Friday, as I watched the news and saw the damage caused by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami that swept the Pacific, I began to reach out to Pagan charities and get as much information as possible on the best way to help the Japanese people rescue, heal and restore. I wish I could claim I was overwhelmed with responses.Peter Dybing has been reaching out to his contacts to find the best way for folks to effectively aid in the disaster relief. He's posted his recommendations on his blog. … [Read more...]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Pagans

As I followed the story of the Japan earthquake and the tsunami that swept the Pacific my thoughts were both with the people caught in this tragedy and the temples and shrines of the Shinto faith. Maybe that sounds callous, but I am a religious person and my mind tends towards religious things. I know that Vodou has had struggles in Haiti since their earthquake over a year ago, and from Katrina we know that some folks will pounce on any perceived deviance from the Abrahamic norm to push their … [Read more...]

Japan Earthquake Relief: Giving Wisely, Helping Effectively

Peter's recommendations for donations can be found here.Peter Dybing is First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, is a National Incident team member with the US Forest Service and was on the ground helping folks shortly after the earthquake in Haiti last January. I've been in contact with him to help get a better idea of how to best show solidarity with the folks affected by the earthquake in Japan. He was kind enough to briefly share his thoughts on how to respond to this disaster: As … [Read more...]

Praying for the Pacific

An earthquake has devastated Japan and a tsunami is racing across the Pacific ocean. I am watching the live news web broadcast in Hawaii, lighting candles and praying for the folks living there. I'm praying for the folks in Japan who are caught in the aftermath of this tragedy.Please keep those in the midst of harm's way in your thoughts. Pray, chant, sing, make offerings, send energy and be prepared to give to organizations providing relief for those who need help recovering from this … [Read more...]