Just Like The Christians: An Interview with the Emperor Julian

[In the midst of a large Pagan convention a time machine appears and within it stands Julian the Philosopher, the last pagan emperor of the Roman Empire. Equipped with a babelfish he begins conversing with with the convention organizers, who are a bit miffed he landed in the midst of the reiki workshop. Quickly they realize they have a unique opportunity, install him in front of a podium in an auditorium for modern Pagans to ask him questions.] So what was paganism like back in your time?In … [Read more...]

Pagan Movies That Need To Be Made

Since something as fabulous as Agora is rare and The Wicker Tree seems likely to be disappointing, I've been absently daydreaming about what kind of Pagan films I would make if I were a wealthy and powerful movie studio executive. SullaLucius Cornelius Sulla Felix is one of my favorite Roman historical figures and one of those extraordinary people who become so famous they're known by a single name, like Madonna or Pavarotti. Twice consul, he marched on Rome twice while Julius Caesar was … [Read more...]

Ancient Pagans and Christians, or Who Did What To Whom

Watching people debate about the first four centuries of the common era is like watching a football game. The fans are rabidly rooting for their team all out of proportion. Trash is talked. Facts are distorted.Kurt Willem's Pangea blog here on Patheos recently featured a video that delves into this sort of trash talking. Greg Boyd seems to be a bit confused in this video. He's accepting without question Eusebius self-admitted exaggerations and falsehoods regarding early Christianity and … [Read more...]

The First Converts to Paganism

Most Pagans living today in the West are converts. We were either raised without religion, or we are apostate Christians, Jews or Muslims. We tend to view the conversion to Paganism as a modern thing, but this is not so. There are two famous converts to Paganism in antiquity.Flavius Claudius Julianus AugustusJulian the Philosopher, known to Christians as Julian the Apostate, was raised Christian but abandoned it as young man in favor of Hellenic worship. A half-nephew of the famous … [Read more...]

Strada the Fair: A Mythic Nexus

I'm doing some ancestor work right now, kicking my work with the women of my line up a notch. I decided to use Ancestry.com to see if that gave me any insight or inspiration. Their 2 week free trial has me entranced as I touch a thread of my ancestry and follow it back in time. It's a magical journey, although fraught with pitfalls.You see, Ancestry.com is like Wikipedia: lots of good info with a liberal sprinkling of BS. So when I followed a thread of ancestry back through Tudor England I … [Read more...]