Kellee Maize-ing

Last night there was a live Pagan Centered Podcast recording with Kellee Maize, a female rapper who has a very Pagan-friendly message. We have a natural suspicion of anyone who reaches out to the Pagan community and that, combined with a typo in Kellee's marketing, meant there some trepidation surrounding the interview. However, Kellee is an impressive lady and very genuine. The interview was excellent and I was especially impressed by her commitment to activism and her love for the city she … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Anti-Wiccan Sentiment, Interfaith Violence, and RAP!

Anti-Wicca?Although I know it's a bigger issue I just wanted to briefly touch on the topic of anti-Wiccan sentiment in Paganism, which can take a humorous turn. If the conversation turns to things that make us look bad it's a sure bet that Wicca will be mentioned in some way. Some Wiccans have started to identify as Pagans just because mentioning you're Wiccan can suddenly make the room go cold in some Pagan gatherings.Partly this is because Wicca's popularity ensures it gets the lion's … [Read more...]