I Am A Cis-Woman

I was born with all the biological markers of the female sex. I was not born with all of the classic traits of the female gender.I was born different. Different enough that I've spent a lot of my life pinpointing that difference. That means I've given a lot of thought to my gender identity and sexual orientation. I am female and I am attracted to men. The fact that I have female reproductive organs almost seems incidental to this.My personality makes more sense in a male gender. … [Read more...]

Carefully Considering Conversion

I mentioned a few days ago that one of the atheist bloggers here at Patheos converted to Catholicism. It's a little bizarre, and a lot of atheists are confused, as well as a few Catholics. And it has me thinking deeply about conversion.The most popular conversion story in the Western world is that of Saul (soon to become the Apostle Paul) on the road to Damascus. It leads us to think of conversion as a sudden thing. A flash of light from heaven, a miracle witnessed, or maybe Chi-Rho … [Read more...]

Search Not My Heart (aka Don’t Pee In My Cheerios)

Have you ever read the Nicene Creed? It's an affirmation of the theological concepts of one type of Christian orthodoxy. What about the Shahada? It's an affirmation of the principal theological concept in Islam. The Shem Yisrael is yet another creedal affirmation of a theological concept.We don't generally have an equivalent in Paganism. Theology isn't as important to us as action, as practice. We don't generally tolerate people telling us we believe wrong. We are more than happy to point … [Read more...]

Live Pagan Hangout Today: Christian Imagery in Pagan and Occult Ritual

I'm creating what is essentially a 30 min weekly Pagan talk show on the web which has the novelty of being broadcast live. It's all through the magic of G+ and the first broadcast is today. If you can't watch live (we can see your comments and questions during broadcast and respond to them) then never fear, it will be available on Youtube for your viewing convenience.I'll be embedding the video here so you can open this page in a tab as a reminder to watch later.We'll start at 11 AM EDT … [Read more...]

Our Conduct Matters, Not Our Labels

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!I have literally been overwhelmed by the debate in the Pagan blogosphere over the weekend. It's been a chore simply processing all the information, and every time I found a point I felt I inclined to speak to, three new perspectives popped up and demanded my attention.In this debate I have found perspectives and statements I find disheartening. The idea that the only way for a minority religion to be strong is by dismissing … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Jon Hanna says Together we Fall, Divided we Stand

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post! “There is something pagan in me that I cannot shake off. In short, I deny nothing, but doubt everything.” – Lord Byron The word pagan has always been of questionable usefulness to anyone who isn’t primarily concerned with Christianity, Judaism or Islam.Its origins are entirely in contrast to those religions (whether it came directly from country-dweller or via civilian, which while an interesting enough point of etymological hist … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Matthew Hunt says Differences Are Real and Important

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!How I feel about this topic is that however some folk want a term or word to mean, the reality is different. Most folk when they speak of Paganism they ARE speaking about a specific religion. NOT an umbrella term. More often than not I hear talk of the Pagan Religion, and The Pagan Community. When I have met those who call themselves "Pagan" they have a different world-view than I do. A different set of values. That's fine of … [Read more...]

Guest Post: T. Thorn Coyle asks Can We Share A Common Fire?

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!Recently, I wrote two lengthy essays on this topic that I hope you take the time out to read, but given Star Foster’s call to put this discussion on the table again given Drew Jacob’s  article, here are some more thoughts to add to the discussion:While at a cocktail party last week, I ended up in conversation with a man who teaches at a local psychic school. In the course of our encounter, I mentioned that one of the things I t … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Nouvelle Noir Goddess take on Pagan from the African Traditionalist Community

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!Daughters of Eve Contributor, Nouvelle Noir Goddess, offers her view on the current debate:I’ve read numerous thought provoking and inspiring personal testimony by individuals thought on referencing themselves Pagan, Polytheist, or the likes. Each contributor to the debate gave me insight on how at times one feels alienated or together with Pagan community as a collective whole.In my experience with the African Traditionalist … [Read more...]

Interview with Drew Jacob

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!After setting off the latest round of debates in the Pagan blogosphere, Drew Jacob kindly answered a few questions regarding his stance on the Pagan label and community:What makes your practice different from modern Druid orgs and Celtic Reconstructionists?That's a fun question. A lot of people have looked at my post and said, "Well, you're not Wiccan, but you're still Pagan. You must be a Reconstructionist or something." I'm … [Read more...]