13 Songs of Labor

Weavers, blacksmiths, healers, farmers, warriors: the myths tell us the Gods toil as well. Here's 13 songs in honor of Labor Day, for when labor we are like the Gods.13. Working Man Blues By Merle Haggard12. Union Maid by Old Crow Medicine ShowWritten by Woody Guthrie in response to a complaint that women were being ignored in labor music, it became one of his most popular labor tunes.11. John Henry's Hammer by Johnny Cash10. Pick a Bale of Cotton by LeadbellyInfluencing Woody … [Read more...]

In Praise of Labor

After seeing the slogan "What Would Jesus Drive?" I got into a humorous discussion once about which cars which Gods and ancients would drive. Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, would drive a Kia Sephia. Odysseus would drive a minivan. Freyja would tool around in a Mercury Cougar. And Hephaistos? He would drive something handbuilt and custom modified. Maybe a Panoz roadster.I tend to associate Hephaistos with cars a lot in my own mind. Maybe because mechanics are the closest things to blacksmiths … [Read more...]