You Can Breathe Now

You have permission to be human. You have permission to breathe. You have permission to act natural. You have permission to accept yourself. You have permission to love who you were born to be.Many people describe finding Paganism as "coming home." Suddenly, something in you that was dark and obscure has a light shined on it and you say "Oh! That's who I am!" You can label what it is that you are. You can put a name on it.I remember when I "came home" to Paganism. I had tried desperately … [Read more...]

Much Ado About Gaga

Over on the Evangelical portal Karen Zacharias Spears weighed in on Lady Gaga, and I thought it all sounded a bit familiar: “Elvis can’t sing, can’t play the guitar, and can’t dance. Yet two thousand idiots per show yelp every time he opens his mouth, plucks a guitar string, or shakes his pelvis like any striptease babe in town.” -- Herb Rau, Miami Daily News, Aug. 4th, 1956"It is a frightening thing for a man to watch his women debase themselves... It’s hardly original but if any daughter of … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: What Pagans Can Accomplish & Goddessy Gaga

Pagans Supporting JapanIt's a good time to be Pagan. I'm very proud of our community. Peter Dybing's fundraising efforts for Doctors Without Borders have raised over $23,000 and this week is the home stretch to reach the $30,000 goal. I wouldn't have thought it possible that we could have raised so much so quickly. It's a beacon shining forth of what Pagans, Wiccans, Heathens, Recons and all the other fabulous folks who make up our communities can accomplish together. Please contribute what … [Read more...]

PantheaCon: Concerning Three Rituals

There were quite a few rituals at PantheaCon and unfortunately I couldn't make them all. I was determined that the rituals I did attend wouldn't be Wiccan so I could experience the rites of other Pagan religions. Here are my thoughts on the three rituals I was able to participate in over this hectic weekend.A Ritual for Our Neopagan Ancestors facilitated by the ADFAs so many of our elders have recently passed I really wanted to participate in in this ritual. The opening of the gates and call … [Read more...]

Ares and Aphrodite make love in Afghanistan

If you have ever had a hard time wrapping your mind around the hot, passionate love affair that Love and War engage in, you need to watch this video and all is made clear.Lady Gaga's Telephone - Afghanistan RemixPerformed by soldiers from the 82nd Airborne unit stationed in Afghanistan, this video is a remake of Lady Gaga's "Telephone". The soldiers tease one another in sexually suggestive ways and seem comfortable doing so. Part way through the video more soldiers join in and their … [Read more...]