Real World Benefits of Not Being Pagan

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!When Drew Jacob wrote his post yesterday, I commented "some even claim that their religious communities actually thrive after they leave the Pagan label and community behind."I think a lot of people overlooked that point. People began to argue semantics, the history and meaning of the term Pagan, the need for solidarity, and what that label means for their personal identity. Few considered what it means that while not changing … [Read more...]

Defaulting to Wicca: Issues with Intra-Pagan Dialogue

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!Over on PAGAN+politics Cara Schulz wrote a great recap of PantheaCon. I will concur that not only is she very nice in person but very funny as well. I was happy to room with her and after meeting her in person have even more respect and love for her, even if she is a conservative! In her post she mentioned something that she and I had discussed while at the convention: Wicca-centric language.At pan-Pagan events there is a … [Read more...]

Hipster Pagans: The Language of Disrespect

I have a cousin who doesn't understand how I can love C.S. Lewis and still be Pagan. I completely agree with him that Mere Christianity is a fabulous book that everyone should read, but simply because it's a great example of religious writing and reasoning. I like writing, reasoning and religion. Therefore, I like C.S. Lewis.Something he wrote, I believe it was in The Four Loves, has always stuck with me. He makes some observations on the use of the words "real" and "really". I believe the … [Read more...]