Pagan Spotlight: Laura LaVoie

I have too much to write about. I need clones or minions, and being sick makes me feel even farther behind on things that need to be written. I may have to go on a writing bender sometime soon.Today though, I want to write about Laura LaVoie. Another very busy Pagan, Laura is a Hellenic who blogs about Persephone, blogs about beer, blogs about building a tiny house in North Carolina and blogs at The Juggler on pop culture for the Pagan Newswire Collective.Just thinking about all her … [Read more...]

UPDATED-Link Round-Up: Is the Pagan Label/Community Useful?

*EVEN MORE new links added below*Polytheists are making the argument that their communities thrive better without the Pagan label and community, and it's generated a boatload of discussion. Here's a lists of posts discussing this issue, beginning with the post that set the ball, or some might say golden apple, rolling.*An interview with Drew Jacob, an article by T. Thorn Coyle and column by Eric Scott are forthcoming and will be linked here along with any other relevant responses to this … [Read more...]