Live Pagan Hangout Today: Christian Imagery in Pagan and Occult Ritual

I'm creating what is essentially a 30 min weekly Pagan talk show on the web which has the novelty of being broadcast live. It's all through the magic of G+ and the first broadcast is today. If you can't watch live (we can see your comments and questions during broadcast and respond to them) then never fear, it will be available on Youtube for your viewing convenience.I'll be embedding the video here so you can open this page in a tab as a reminder to watch later.We'll start at 11 AM EDT … [Read more...]

Is Wicca a Christian Heresy?

Yesterday I gave a grumpy rant over the Watchtowers and LBRP being included in some strains of Wicca. The responses surprised me and set me to thinking.If you begin with the premise that everything in Wicca came from a Christianized society, that Wicca was founded by people raised and well-versed in Christianity, that elements of some strains of Wicca represent entirely Abrahamic, Copernican earth- and human-centric worldviews, does it then follow that Wicca is a Christian heresy?If Wicca is … [Read more...]

The Watchtowers and Abrahamic Wicca

My first significant encounters with Wiccan thought were with Kaatryn McMorgan's All One Wicca and the Farrar's The Witches Bible. MacMorgan gave me a firm grounding to begin my studies, but the Farrar's intoxicated me with the beauty and majesty of Wicca. I remember being particularly struck by the Watchtowers.Being ignorant of their origin, history or deeper meanings, my imagination unfolded a scene right out a Fantasia: vast castles with central towers in the cardinal directions, rising … [Read more...]