The Holiness of Summer’s End

The leaves are turning golden and scarlet. Not all of them, not yet. Just tiny flashes of splendor in the mountains. It catches your breath. It's as if you've seen something mythic, magical, and holy peeking out at you from the dark woods.Harvest is my favorite season. The Lammas Tide wells up, then ebbs as the Hallows Tide washes in. Wrapped up in the busyness of heat and summer, we rush around until something catches our breath. Suddenly a flash of scarlet in the leaves, or a cool chill … [Read more...]

Preparing for Fall

Summer is almost over. We’ve just passed the Holy Tide of Lammas, our harvest festival and now we’re approaching the Autumnal Equinox. I love this time of year. As the heat gives way to the cool chill of fall, and the days begin to shorten, I always find myself rejuvenated. With this Equinox my favorite cycle of holy tides begins, culminating in Yule, perhaps the holiest of Heathen holy days. I love the dark time, the crispness, the push toward a greater interiority of personal practice that I al … [Read more...]