Life, Liberty and the Institution of Marriage?

Yesterday I was reading Timothy Dalrymple’s post on the gay marriage debate. Tim’s a good fella but we don’t agree on a whole lot. So it’s not surprising when either of us disagree with something the other wrote. Yet something in his post made me do a double-take: But here’s the thing: no one ever [Read More…]

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Being Yourself – Not Always The Easy Path.

How much damaging morality are we bringing with us from former religions? Is this a good or bad thing? What can we do about it? Kindreds tend to be our chosen family. But how much power should we give them, when it comes to them judging our personal life? I do believe there is an interesting conundrum, here: follow the gods when they lead, or be comfortable where you are, and try to ignore their summons? Deal with censure in your Kindred, or ignore what you are led to do? [Read more…]

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