The Gaian Tarot: A Review

I feel a bit funny about giving tarot reviews. I read the tarot pretty regularly, and I even once tried giving professional reading a go, with the result that I have a great deal of respect for those who do that exhausting work for a living. Yet, if you want to have a deep conversation about the Tower card, I'm not your gal. Reviewing tarot decks feels a bit like being asked to review fine wine when you have a glass of Manischewitz on the rocks in hand.However, the creator of The Gaian Tarot, … [Read more...]

My Love Affair with Bookstores

The saddest fact of my life is that I live in a county without a bookstore. True, we have a place that specializes in antique books, but particular editions of Gone With the Wind or bejeweled Victorian Jewish prayer books don't fill the craving I get for the literary arts.I can drive 45 minutes north, up Blood Mtn and over the Appalachian Trail, to the amazing Book Nook in Blairsville. A small store owned by really amazing people, it carries titles that always tempt me and I generally leave … [Read more...]

Off to Pantheacon!

I'm off to Pantheacon bright and early in the morning. I look forward to seeing all the amazing folks there. The programming list looks excellent. Lots of hard choices to make about which workshops, rituals and concerts to attend. What I can guarantee is that I will be at the following events:The Pagan Newswire Collective is having a Meet 'n' Greet on Saturday, 5-7pm, at the COG/NWC/NROOGD Suite, and I will be there hanging with the PNC folks. These are really awesome, dedicated people. You … [Read more...]