Lupercalia: I Haz A Happy

Planning to write something serious, I saw this picture this morning and it brought a smile to my face:Kind of disturbingly funny too, considering two male goats and a dog were the traditional sacrifices, and patrician Luperci were anointed with the blood of the sacrifice, then expected to smile and laugh.Instead of that, why not look at some pictures of some cute puppies and goats? We can smile and laugh at those and still celebrate the season. … [Read more...]

14 Songs for Lupercalia (Valentines Day)

I could use some music today. How about you?I'm officially filing this under 13 Things, but I had to add a little extra awesomeness.Read more on Lupercalia. Always makes me think of Mark Anthony running naked through the streets of Rome. Rawr! 14. Tainted Love - Soft Cell13. Pagan Girl - Emerald Rose12. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream11. This Kiss - Faith Hill10. It's Friday I'm In Love - The Cure9. Just Because - Gaia Consort8. Hey Good Lookin' - Hank Williams … [Read more...]

Lupercalia: It’s Not Just for Pagan Fetishists…

No matter what some Christians (and none too small a number of Pagans) might like to think, the connections between the Roman festival of Lupercalia on February 15 and St. Valentine's Day on February 14 are, in fact, few to none.  The idea that Lupercalia is "all about fertility," and thus some sort of distant, more physical and amorous (and therefore "Pagan") cousin to Valentine's Day, is more than a bit of an exaggeration.The part of the festival that most people know about, and … [Read more...]