Wyrd Designs – May Day Punch Recipe

I am now a 1-year veteran blogger here at Patheos, and since I already covered the holy tide of Walpurgis last year (for new readers, you can find it here to read:  Wyrd Designs - Holy Tides -  May Day & Walpurgis), I thought this year I'd add to what I started.The previous article had my own punch recipe that I call Summerday Delight in it, but this year for people looking for traditional German flare to add to your celebration, you might want to check out these recipes for W … [Read more...]

Beltaine & Stuff ‘Round the Web

You know, who knew there would come a day when there is too much going on regarding Paganism to effectively cover? Well, Jason Pitzl-Waters knew, that's who! I am always amazed and impressed when he has Wild Hunt posts covering multiple issues, and even more amazed that I have too much to possibly write about before Beltaine. So here's a smattering of cool things for you...Beltaine and Stuff on PatheosBeltaine is being featured on the home page of Patheos and a round-up of related links is … [Read more...]

A Royal Beltane Wedding

Will there be a Maypole? Or May Day festivities? Will Morris dancers be stepping merrily outside of Westminster Abbey?I didn't watch Diana and Charles' wedding (being but a gleam in my father's eye) but I did watch the divorce, the scandals and the funeral. While I'm not certain I will watch the Royal Wedding live as it starts about the time I will stumble sleepily home from Beltane festivities, I can't pretend I'm not excited about it.The Monarchy of England is a symbol, and it's a symbol … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: May Day, Summerdaeg, Walpurgis…

May Day, Summerdaeg, Walpurgis… trying to discern the pre-Christian celebrations and origins of this holytide can be a bit tricky. Typing ‘Walpurgis’ into the ever-handy google… turns up detailed information about the Catholic saint known by that name, but when it comes to the pagan past the details seem vague at best. One has to do some digging to find anything of more substance. For those of you that LOVE to really read into the meat of the matter with academic factoids, you might find this art … [Read more...]