Keeping a Diary

I hate writing in a diary. This probably surprises you considering the copious amounts of blather produced on this blog. There are plenty of notebooks full of scribbles, and even a couple of magical/spiritual diaries that I started and never kept up. For a long time both the discipline of maintaining a diary, and focusing so much on myself, seemed impossible. Blogging has, in a strange way, resolved these issues. For over a year I updated this blog at least once a day, and I've spent more time … [Read more...]

In The Midnight Hour

I don't sleep well quite often. I try so hard to sleep a full 8 hours straight. If I wake up after only a few hours I stubbornly cling to my pillow. I expend more energy trying to get good sleep than sleeping naturally. The truth is I feel better sleeping only 3-6 hours at a time, twice a day. But I've always considered that sort of shameful, a "couldn't sleep so I need a nap" type of occurrence. Yet an article on BBC News suggests that might actually be the healthy, natural way to rest: [Roger … [Read more...]

PSG 2011: Appreciation for Psyche’s Grotto

I've got a lot I will be writing about this year's PSG once I get back to the land of plentiful WiFi, but I want to drop a note of appreciation to the folks at Psyche's Grotto here at PSG. It's one of the many centers here at PSG providing services to festival goers.Last year I came to PSG with lots of excess energy and I was gung-ho on very little sleep all week despite the heat. This year I arrived frazzled, exhausted and emotionally worn out. By Tuesday I hit a wall. I simply couldn't … [Read more...]

Music for Meditation?

I'm taking a refresher meditation class today and I'm also a big fan of Llewellyn's music. It's good stuff for certain types of meditation, or shamanic journeying.I used Madonna's Ray of Light album when I was a teenager, which means it automatically triggers a meditative state for me now.Sometimes classical pieces can help if I'm working through particular problems, particularly if the idea behind the meditation isn't to relax but to stoke the fires of creativity.Do you use music … [Read more...]

Kellee Maize-ing

Last night there was a live Pagan Centered Podcast recording with Kellee Maize, a female rapper who has a very Pagan-friendly message. We have a natural suspicion of anyone who reaches out to the Pagan community and that, combined with a typo in Kellee's marketing, meant there some trepidation surrounding the interview. However, Kellee is an impressive lady and very genuine. The interview was excellent and I was especially impressed by her commitment to activism and her love for the city she … [Read more...]

10 Minute Meditation

Ever have one of those days where everything comes at you non-stop? Yeah, me too. So instead of doing a rant or rave or thoughtful post I'm going to give you something relaxing. Ahhh... … [Read more...]

Introspective Season

The Hallows season is here and our thoughts are turning inward. I've spent the summer focusing outward, on things I need to do and goals I want to accomplish. Yet when the leaves burn brilliant on the mountainside and woodsmoke scents the air, my thoughts naturally turn inward. It's time to take stock of our souls and examine our lives. What do we lack? How do we find balance?This is something my priestess has been asking us all summer and I've listened but I haven't really put much effort … [Read more...]

A Meditation on Samhain

I love this time of year more than any other. Almost on cue with the coming of Samhain, my little part of the world seems to transition abruptly into late autumn. Winter stands ready at the threshold just waiting for nature’s invitation to cross. There’s more than just a delicious chill in the air, now the wind has bite and the promise of the coming winter’s stinging coldness driving it. Now there is the breath of ice and frost dancing on the windows, on the bushes, on the brittle grass in early … [Read more...]

Lir’s Cloak: The Obscuring That Reveals

In Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth's Faeries Oracle there is a card for a faery called Sylvanius who bears the Mask That Reveals. He tells us that sometimes things must be hidden before the truth can be revealed. It's an interesting bit of wisdom.As I look out my bedroom window the mountains in the distance are obscured by mist, fog, cloud. A stranger to this land would never know they exist today, when visibility is limited to seeing only the other side of the street and no farther. The day … [Read more...]

Journeying to the Otherland: A Meditation Practice

Meditation often popularly thought of as zen meditation, with a clear blank mind. That's really only one sort of meditation. I'd like to share a meditation I have used to connect with my Gods, ancestors and spirits.Journeying is somewhat shamanic. It is basically the practice of intentionally sending your consciousness from this land and into the Otherland. There are a lot of metaphysical explanations for how this works and why, but as I get older I find the practice itself is far more … [Read more...]