The Passing of Lord Merlin

Lord Merlin, aka David John White, was the elder high priest of the Ravenwood tradition for almost three decades and he died over a week ago, on Mabon. He led an extraordinary life, much like his wife Lady Sintana, and he died a year and a week after she passed from us. He was there by the Lady to bless the founding of my coven, and when I'm initiated this Saturday he will be a part of my lineage, my spiritual grandfather. Though I never met him, his passing fills me with sadness, and more than … [Read more...]

The Best 9/11 Memorial Ever

For once, Bono didn't annoy me. I watched and I cried. It was a ritual well done. I'd forgotten about this until reminded by the good Deacon Greg Kandra: On the banner were projected the names of all those who had died on 9/11, just four months before. And the music continued, and it went on, Bono and U2 singing about a place “where the streets have no name.” And the banner kept growing, and the list kept getting longer.  It seemed like it would never end.  Name after name after … [Read more...]