Considering Michael York’s “Catastrophe”

I awoke this morning intending to begin a series of meditations upon the Delphic Maxims. Not an easy task, but not nearly as difficult as what I'm about to write. As I began my morning routine of e-mail, rss feeds and social media I read Micheal York's guest post on The Wild Hunt. It's already received quite a reaction, and I'm going to do my best to respond thoughtfully to it because it touches on threads I have been silently weaving with for a long time.There is an End happening. Maybe … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Michael York responds to Peter Kreeft

Micheal York is a Pagan theologian, retired professor of Cultural Astronomy & Astrology at Bath Spa University, currently teaches at Cherry Hill Seminary, and author of Pagan Theology.Peter Kreeft is a Christian apologist, professor of philosophy at Boston College and King's College, and author of Christianity for Modern Pagans. .Near the beginning of the article on “The New Paganism,”[1] we hear that “Paganism is simply the natural gravity of the human spirit, the line of least resis … [Read more...]

Awesome Pagan Stuff, oh, and Mother Teresa’s Evil?

First a quick run through on awesome Pagan things going on in the world:Patrick McCollum received the Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism from the Hindu American Foundation. He will be attending the American Academy of Religion's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on Samhain weekend along with Chas Clifton, Helen Berger, Margot Adler, Michael York and other Pagan scholars, movers and shakers. You only need to pay admission to access certain portions of the conference, so … [Read more...]