Solstice Eve

Have you ever stirred water in a glass and then tried to change direction? The current pushes back at you at first. I tried this exercise once in a swimming pool with a group of people. We all walked around in a circle in the pool until the water began to flow in the direction we were moving, and then we changed direction and moved against the current. It was harder than I expected.Even though I know it's gravitational pull that is swinging us back closer to the sun, I find myself thinking … [Read more...]

Bella Luna! Grazie!

In the film Moonstruck, the grandfather takes his dogs on a walk at night. He encourages them to howl at the big, bright, beautiful moon hanging over Manhattan. Because of that film I've taken to shouting at the moon when I see it looking particularly gorgeous "Bella! Luna bella! Grazie Luna! Bella! Grazie!"Tonight, many of us will be celebrating the full moon. Some of us may have caught a glimpse of the lunar eclipse this morning, and said a word of thanks for the beauty of the moon in her … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Teo Bishop on Celebrating the Full Moon

Teo Bishop just joined Patheos! Be sure to check out his blog: Bishop In The Grove!The Moon went full on September 11th, 2011. The Moon was full, and Pagans gathered, and we celebrated the continuity of life, the rising and falling of the tides, the movement toward light, the realization of wholeness, and the slow, steady return to the darkness.Pagans celebrate. Pagans gather and make ourselves aware of the rhythms of the Earth, and the reliability of the heavens, and we do so in the … [Read more...]

The Moon is Full of Secrets and Promises

Here on the east coast the moon was full early this morning. Though still full, she is no longer waxing, and tonight will be void of course when I step into circle. I find that comforting.When the moon is void of course, she presents two faces. On one, the one we most often consider, she tells us anything we undertake while she is void of course is apt to come to nothing. We work in vain, run in place and generally get nowhere.Void of course is generally avoided for any magical work.Yet void … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – a Prayer for Twelfth Night

Hail Mundilfari the time-turner for another year's ending, and another's beginning has come upon us again.In the spirit of the season we have braved the dark nights and cold, traversed snow and ice, to visit and make merry with our family and friends, our neighbors and community.When we have seen those in need we gave generously of ourselves to brighten and warm their days, for the health and well-being of all.Mundilfari we hail your Children, through whom we measure the passage of … [Read more...]

Harvesting the Light: The Waning Lughnasadh Moon

Ritual complete, feasting finished, and hugs all around, I drove home under the waning moon on Lughnasadh Eve and was struck by it's beauty. It struck me that we were not losing light. It was not being diminished. It was being harvested.Although I've tried not to invest too much meaning in the waning and waxing phases of the moon, I have felt their influence particularly strongly this year. Perhaps it's the economy, but the waning of the moon just seems to be a tougher time for me. I've felt … [Read more...]