Johnny Depp Making WM3 Film?

Word on the street is Depp's production company optioned Damien Echols still-to-be-written memoir for a movie. Pretty nebulous in a way, but still exciting. Here's media maven Perez Hilton on the story: Johnny Depp and his partner Christi Dembrowski and their Infinitum Nihil production company just nabbed the rights to an upcoming memoir about the West Memphis Three… which is being written by one of the Three himself — Damien Echols!It's still soon-to-be-published and still as-yet-untitled, … [Read more...]

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Working from home and living alone means my immune system has become a wuss. I hang out with friends who work in healthcare and are around school-age children and end up sick as a dog. I think I have the flu. I am not happy about this.What I am happy about is Bram Stocker's Dracula is on Hulu.Although no Dracula could ever be sexier than Bela:Paganism posts shall return once my body agrees to cooperate. … [Read more...]

Thor: A Pagan Review of the Film

Thor is epic. It's not true to the lore but it's a good film. There are no spoilers in this review (from my POV).Disappointments? Sure.Rene Russo was less than epic as Frigga. She wasn't bad, but she didn't strike me as regal and commanding enough for the role. Looking the part simply isn't enough.I felt there was too much effort spent trying to bridge (pardon the pun) science and magic. You don't have to rubber ducky* everything. Sometimes mystery is good.Sif's hair still bugs me. I … [Read more...]

Why Thor Matters

4 AM. For the second night in a row Thor wakes me up. The night before it was thunder. This time I just can't sleep. I keep thinking about the Thor film of all things. I toss. I turn. I get up, shower, dress and go to Wal*Mart. In the rain. Because this film disturbs me.You see, I never got into the Thor comics or The Avengers. My Marvel heroes were the X-Men. So when I look at the official website and trailers I don't see cheesy aliens from outer space, I see the Gods. When they say Asgard is … [Read more...]