Percy Jackson Can Lead To Paganism

Although in this case it's definitely soft polytheism/psychological pantheism: The Sydney problem, however, still needed solving. I approached her the other day and said, "Syd, you go to church on Sunday, right?""Yes.""Who do you pray to?""God," she said."One God, right? Then how can you say you believe in all those Greek gods?"She replied with her patented eye roll: "You don't understand about God." And she gave me understanding."When I am at the beach near the water, I … [Read more...]

The Wicker Tree Live Discussion with Peg Aloi and Alastair Gourlay

Peg Aloi, of The Witching Hour, and I decided to take Google Hangouts On Air for a test drive and explore The Wicker Tree film. Thanks to the power of social networking Alastair Gourlay, executive producer of The Wicker Tree, joined our discussion!It's two hours long, longer than we intended, but we hope to revisit the subject in a future Hangout On Air, maybe with spoilers next time.I hope you enjoy! … [Read more...]

Analyzing The Wicker Tree: Spoilers Ahead

Religion can quickly become a gruesome business.Forget whatever you think The Wicker Man and The Wicker Tree are about. They are not "Pagan films" or even proper horror films. They, with tongue grimly planted in cheek, remind us where our theologies can lead us unchecked and unfettered. They are not pro-Pagan, pro-Christian, pro-religion or pro-secularism. They are not meant to make you feel better about your faith. They are cautionary tales that say: There but for the grace of critical … [Read more...]

Quickie: Wicker Tree Party in ATL?

So if I could convince the Atlanta Midtown Art Cinema to get The Wicker Tree, how many of my local peeps would come out to see it? Because the window of opportunity to see it on the big screen is tiny, and we could all go to Park Tavern afterwards and argue about how good/bad it was and reminisce about The Wicker Man.You know it would be fun, and a fantastic story to tell. I've heard stories of Pagans going to see The Wicker Man on the big screen back in the 1970's. Picture yourself in a … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street? I Think I Saw That Film…

It is that time of year. The time when you wrap up in a blanket and watch holiday movies. Generally the more sentimental and quirky, the better. And of course, regardless of religious belief, or even feelings about the holiday season, the number one holiday movie is and always will be It's A Wonderful Life.Sitting down to watch it for the first time this year, I was completely amazed at how relevant it is today. Honest, hard-working people just wanting to own a decent home being bullied by … [Read more...]

Pagan Movies That Need To Be Made

Since something as fabulous as Agora is rare and The Wicker Tree seems likely to be disappointing, I've been absently daydreaming about what kind of Pagan films I would make if I were a wealthy and powerful movie studio executive. SullaLucius Cornelius Sulla Felix is one of my favorite Roman historical figures and one of those extraordinary people who become so famous they're known by a single name, like Madonna or Pavarotti. Twice consul, he marched on Rome twice while Julius Caesar was … [Read more...]

13 Things I Like About Scientologists

As today is Dianetics Day I figure it's time to pick up this series again. Along with the Buddhists and Hindus, Scientology is one religion I still need to tick off my list for the series. This is going to be incredibly difficult because I honestly have very little love for Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard. Bear with me and please forgive if the occasional snark slips out.13. ReincarnationOk, so my personal belief in reincarnation doesn't involve distant planets but I have to give props to … [Read more...]

Off to see Thor

I should wax poetic about motherhood but I'm off to see Thor right now. Review later this afternoon.In the meantime enjoy these trailers of upcoming movies that looking interesting to Pagans.ThorThe Wicker Tree NSFWPirates of the Carribean 4 (for the Pastafarians)I'll be back to wax eloquent on both mothers and Mjolnir shortly. … [Read more...]

Going for “Gay Gold” at the Oscars

At this year's Oscars, the film The Kids Are All Right is up (amongst an unprecedented ten nominees) for Best Picture, and Annette Benning is also a nominee for Best Actress in her role as Nic in this film. It will be interesting to see whether or not the film and Benning end up the winners; Benning already won a Best Actress award at the Golden Globes, being nominated alongside her co-star Julianne Moore (as the character Jules) for that award. (Mark Ruffalo is up for a Best Supporting Actor … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Kathy Nance on The Black Swan

Inside each of us is a shadow.For Natalie Portman's brittle ballerina in The Black Swan, that shadow could have been her salvation. Instead, it drove her mad.In Jungian psychological terms, our shadows are the parts of us that we deny, but which must be explored and incorporated in order for us to be whole. One way to work with the shadow is to draw it out in order to explore its attributes more fully. When we know our shadows, we come closer to knowing our whole selves.I couldn't stop … [Read more...]