Paganistan, I Am In You

Ok, so admittedly I am on the outskirts of Paganistan, crashing with the amazing Nels Linde and Judy Olson until I figure out what's what. It has been an insane week of strange nomadic behavior, and of being carried by the current to strange new places.First, big thanks to Amy who picked me up crying on the side of the road, cheered me up, gave me a place to crash for the night, and hauled me around. You rock! Big thanks also to my friend Judy back in Georgia, who also gave me a place to … [Read more...]

Moving to Paganistan

I have had a surprising weekend. I was unexpectedly given notice that I have to move out of my current living situation by October 1st. Five weeks isn't a lot of time to plan a move. Thankfully, some amazing people have come to my rescue with advice, huge favors, and words of encouragement and support. I am a bit overwhelmed by the kindness I have been shown. My crusty exterior has completely crumbled, and I have sobbed like a big baby more often than I care to admit over the past few … [Read more...]

Unpacking Your Life

I am in my new apartment, surrounded by boxes, bags and bins, finding new bruises on my arms and legs from the move and discovering sore muscles where I never before knew muscles existed. Outside my office window is a cottonwood tree, a member of the willow family which has spiritual significance for me, and I have discovered the place I was planning to put my altar faces true north. Life is good.Yet, now comes the strange and surreal process of unpacking my life. Of looking at my belongings … [Read more...]

Things We Own: A Lammas Reflection

"A lady once offered me a mat, but as I had no room to spare within the house, nor time to spare within or without to shake it, I declined it, preferring to wipe my feet on the sod before my door. It is best to avoid the beginnings of evil." -- Henry David Thoreau We have arrived at the season of First Fruits. We are harvesting, gathering in the bounty of our winter hopes, spring planting and summer tending. Tomatoes are ripe, corn is tall and it is time to gather in. In to where?  Your home? … [Read more...]

Advice Needed on Ancestor Shrines

Up in Paganistan a public ancestor shrine has opened up at the Sacred Paths center, and the story quotes Patheos columnist Galina Krasskova. It's a great resource for folks in that area but my thoughts are a little closer to home.I'm going to be moving into a new space in about a month or so, and trying to imagine where my altars will go in my new space. Should I place family photographs along the stairs with a shelf for incense and offerings? Should I put a few photos and a candle on the … [Read more...]