The Children We Ignore

While the world is leaving the lights on for Caylee, plenty of other murdered children remain in the dark. They aren't white enough, middle-class enough, for the media to pay much attention to...Jadon Higganbothan was murdered by a cult leader, apparently for being "gay." His murder was certainly motivated by religious extremism. So many issues come to play in his murder: homeschooled children falling off the radar, racist doctrines, abusive polygamy and the apathy of modern … [Read more...]

Pagan Values: Domestic Abuse, Rape and Rihanna’s “Man Down”

Domestic abuse survivor Rihanna has a new song about murder, which isn't news. Most genres of music are full of songs about death, murder and killing. I used to joke that parents worried about their kids should be just as concerned about violent folk music as violent rap. Yet the video for Rihanna's Man Down places the murder in the context of rape.This is what I find interesting: we don't blink an eye when a song invokes murder, but if it places the murder in the context of rape or domestic … [Read more...]