13 Things I Like About Islam Revisited

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 around the corner, I'm considering old and new articles to share. This is an old one, but if a little good-natured interfaith understanding is all I share for 9/11, I will be content.Originally published September 10, 2010.13. AlgebraSo maybe I don't like algebra but I definitely respect it. Muslim scholars made significant contributions to mathematics. Well done!12. Cat StevensNow known as Yusuf Islam, this is an artist that has had a lot of … [Read more...]

The Congeniality of Muslims and Witches

I went to an interfaith event hosted by Muslims and featuring Witches as guest speakers last night, and then stayed up very late chatting with my elders over Vietnamese food. It was great and I have had very, very little sleep.I will say what impressed me most that in that room full of Muslims, Witches, Christians and Jews there was genuine goodwill, sharing and friendliness. They were awesome people doing really interesting things. I look forward to meeting up with them in the future.Now … [Read more...]