Reconsidering the Importance of Myth

Following up on my last post hasn't been easy. Both a lack of time and deciding what to write has been difficult. Maybe my week off spoiled me and I'm just finding it hard to get back in the groove.My last post got some surprisingly positive feedback from surprising quarters. I've received a lot of kind and interesting responses I'm still trying to process. One was public, and I strongly suggest you read Ian Corrigan's response post. I want to revisit some comments he made, and issues raised … [Read more...]

Are the Myths Gossip?

I have so much I wanted to write about today. About Ghetto Shamans and Hugin the Bard and a gazillion other things, but the spectre of PSG packing is looming over me. I'm in full panic mode to prepare for 9 days of camping, plus travel.So I will leave you with two quotes, one modern and one old, on a subject bouncing around in the back of my head, and leave you to examine and ponder them at leisure as I check and double check equipment and supplies. "When I first started studying Zeus, He told … [Read more...]

Irish Snakes Survive and Thrive: All Snakes Day

The Irish love a good story. They are a lyric, storytelling people. Their storytelling tradition is full of the improbable, impossible and likely not quite so. So although I appreciate those whose commitment to veracity in historical matters leads them to be St. Paddy's Day debunkers each year, I feel they miss the point of the story of Padraig and the Snakes: it's a good story. What makes it even better is that in true Irish fashion, the story continues and evolves. The snakes survived.I … [Read more...]

Strada the Fair: A Mythic Nexus

I'm doing some ancestor work right now, kicking my work with the women of my line up a notch. I decided to use to see if that gave me any insight or inspiration. Their 2 week free trial has me entranced as I touch a thread of my ancestry and follow it back in time. It's a magical journey, although fraught with pitfalls.You see, is like Wikipedia: lots of good info with a liberal sprinkling of BS. So when I followed a thread of ancestry back through Tudor England I … [Read more...]

Book Review: Teachings of the Santeria Gods by Ocha’ni Lele

{Ocha'ni Lele. Teachings of the Santeria Gods. Destiny books 2010. 269 pages. $16.95} Reviewed by Star FosterI love a good story. A good story has a mystery, a moral, a familiarity or a sense of the fantastic. A good story satisfies you down to your bones. Ocha'ni Lele's book Teachings of the Santeria Gods is chock-full of just such stories.Today when we want to learn about the Gods we often go to books that explain the Gods to us, rather than simply absorb the stories about the Gods. I … [Read more...]