Call Me By My Name

Spiritual names are important to a lot of Pagans. Some use them as their public name, and others as names known only to their communities. Others find the whole phenomenon ridiculous.  I think there is even a "metal-bird-predator" name generator spoofing of Silver Ravenwolf's name (like Tinfoil Dodomongoose).The thing is, Pagans aren't the only ones who do this. Catholics take a saints name for confirmation, and nuns take the name of the saint they are devoted to. If you convert to Judaism you … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Possible Pagan Roots for the Name of England

The modern day country of England, appears to derive its name indirectly from the Vanic deity, Freyr who was widely worshiped among the Scandinavian, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon peoples. … [Read more...]