Teo Bishop: A Gift To Pagans From The New Apostolic Reformation

I heard today that the Emperor of Japan had sex with the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu.Crazy, right? How did this not make the news sooner?Apparently, the coital union has led to all sorts of trouble for the Japanese economy, not to mention the creation of a general, “atmosphere ruled by the powers of darkness.”Ouch.And...confusing.Sun Goddesses typically are associated with the Sun, and the Sun gives off light. But somehow this goddess actually is responsible for darkness…I’m sorry. This i … [Read more...]

Looking at Christianity With Pagan Eyes

One of the pitfalls of blogging is you tend to hear from your critics far more often than your fans. So it really made my day when I received a note from a 70-year-old retired pastor who told me my writing was helping him to build a bridge of understanding between his faith and Paganism. On those days when I wake up and wonder if it's really worth it to crank out another post, notes like his lift me up and inspire me. I'm not going to mention his name, but this post is for you, friend.I … [Read more...]

Spiritual Warfare Is Essentially Black Magic

Back in 2000, maybe early 2001, there was a big prayer warrior event aimed at Ephesus. They were praying against the Queen of Heaven, which to them represented Ashtoreth, the Whore of Babylon. As a young virginal devotee of Artemis, I saw it as a direct attack on Artemis of Ephesus. It wrenched my heart then, and makes me tear up remembering it.This isn't a new phenomenon but an organized and concerted effort: Queen of Heaven: Perhaps the most recent development has been Wagner's emphasis on … [Read more...]