A New Year (What does it mean?!?!?)

The calendar New Year is rather strange for a Pagan, as many of us celebrate the New Year on other dates. Either by the new solar year, or by Samhain as the ending-that-is-a-beginning.I ended up ringing in the arbitrary calendar date stone-cold sober with friends watching Steel Magnolias. Like people do.But what the new calendar year holds for us? I don't know. Doreen Virtue has some messages from the Archangel Michael. (Or Ninurta depending on your perspective.)Of course … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Endings and Beginnings

[In my pre-coffee haze yesterday morning I thought Lupus was being a bit redundant. Probably because I reprinted his last column instead of the New Year's post I was supposed to post. Thinking before caffeine doesn't work well for me. So while I refill my coffee, enjoy this NEW post from the always fantastic P. Sufenas Virius Lupus! - Star]As the calendar year 2011 comes to a close, I’m reminded of the cliché that every ending is a beginning, and every beginning an ending. Granted, many of u … [Read more...]

Resolutions, Oaths and Promises

Everyone is busy making their New Year's resolutions and I've already made mine. At Yule, in a cast circle, I made my resolutions before the Gods, the elements and my church. Pretty heavy stuff.For me this sort of oath is especially important. It's more than a promise. It's more than saying "I'll try" or simply good intentions. It's placing your relationships in a sacred context. It is strengthening your love via obligations. It's creating bonds of respect, love and affection.Bonds and … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to 2010

What can I say about 2010? Almost every person I know faced great trials during the past year. While it is a normal human response to recoil from painful lessons, sometimes we learn and grow the most from having to slog our way through adversity. I'm not saying that our ancestors and Gods purposefully inflict trauma on us...but They will take advantage of a learning opportunity and use our life situations to help us to grow stronger and to grow in faith.Each challenge is a dangerous … [Read more...]