Pagan Spotlight: Lamyka

I'm going to try to regularly shine a spotlight on Pagans doing cool things, and right now I want to shine a spotlight on Lamyka, founder of Proud Pagan Podcasters, creator of Lamyka's Wiccan Podcast, Pagan Bedtime Stories and Pagan Women's Podcast, as well as the owner of Haumea Botanicals.Lamyka is a native Hawa'iian and really busy lady. Besides creating a dynamic organization to trade tips and promote Pagan podcasts, Lamyka has been creating a series of bedtime stories and coloring books … [Read more...]

Forgotten Goddesses: A Coloring Book Review

I get a lot of things to review, and I don't have time to review all of them. Sometimes I know someone else who can review a book, but more often it goes onto the pile of books awaiting my fantasy beach vacation. You know, the kind of vacation where you sit in a chair under an umbrella on a beach all day reading while good-looking people keep your margarita topped off.Sometimes something catches me just right. I've got to sit in an airport, wait on my car to be fixed or I've reached a point … [Read more...]