Farewell Dave

Dave Grega, one of the hosts of the Pagan Centered Podcast, died Monday night. It's come as a big shock to the people who knew him. He was only 27, and had a mischievous sense of humor, so I wasn't the only person who wondered at first if it was a prank. Dave was a person who was very much alive, and it's difficult to think of him as dead.Dave had many admirable qualities and a fantastic ability to make things happen. His humor often took him to weird places and he loved debate for the … [Read more...]

What We Mean By Rape Culture

I debated over this post. My colleagues genuinely believe it's wrong to give things like this attention, and maybe they are right. I prefer to expose these things to the light of day. Maybe I'm wrong. I should go ahead an warn that some folks may find triggers in this post, and it does contain NSFW content.I think the PNC did a fine job of covering PSG and Melissa Murry's story. You can read the coverage here and here and here and here and here. I recommend you read through all of it. Having … [Read more...]

Pagan Hangout: Media at Festivals

This week I'm going to be talking to a lot of Pagan Newswire Collective folks about their week at Pagan Spirit Gathering.Pagan Hangout happens every Wednesday. Here's the time guide:11 AM EDT (New York) 10 AM CDT (Nashville) 9 AM MDT (Denver) 8 AM PDT (Seattle) 4 PM BST (London) … [Read more...]

Keeping Calm: Why I Prefer Tolerance

From what tiny scrap of info we have, it seems PSG made a poor judgement call. They have two women's only rituals this year, and one was run by a Dianic for cis-women only. Maybe if the timing of the two rituals had been switched it wouldn't have been such a big deal.I don't know. I'm not there. In all likelihood, neither are you.But this is the internet, and on the slightest rumor everyone gets their undies in a wad and goes ballistic.This seems to happen at every major Pagan event … [Read more...]

Media Access to Festivals is a Privilege, Not A Right

I am somewhere in Southern Illinois and still processing leaving Pagan Spirit Gathering for everyday life. This year, for the very first time, there was a Media Camp, and it was interesting to participate in that and plan for it's future evolution.One thing about Media Camp that really struck home for me is how having media access to festivals is a privilege, not a right. As a Pagan writer I have no right to access private Pagan festivals for media purposes. Any access I have is granted by the … [Read more...]

Pagan Values: Community at PSG

At some point over the last week I got a chance to sit and talk with one of the volunteers at Psyche's Grotto at Pagan Spirit Gathering 2011. I told them that when I first arrived at PSG last year I quickly caught the community vibe. They asked me what it was that brought the feeling of community to my attention. My answer was when I noticed that the festival was so very well organized, I caught the vibe.Let me explain. Pagans, as Jon Stewart humorously noted, are not known for organization. … [Read more...]

PSG 2011: Appreciation for Psyche’s Grotto

I've got a lot I will be writing about this year's PSG once I get back to the land of plentiful WiFi, but I want to drop a note of appreciation to the folks at Psyche's Grotto here at PSG. It's one of the many centers here at PSG providing services to festival goers.Last year I came to PSG with lots of excess energy and I was gung-ho on very little sleep all week despite the heat. This year I arrived frazzled, exhausted and emotionally worn out. By Tuesday I hit a wall. I simply couldn't … [Read more...]

Pagan Spirit Gathering Update

We have had rain, and WiFi issues and just a lot of things going on, so forgive me for not updating sooner.So many amazing things going on, as usual, and there are handfastings, Wiccanings, ordinations and rites of passage. I'll give a further update on those things but today I just want to hit the high spots.Patrick McCollum held a press conference organized by Pagan media. I'm still overwhelmed by that. Audio on The Wild Hunt.This site is gorgeous. I know this being the first year here … [Read more...]

Solstice Fathers

Seems strangely fitting that Father's Day falls so close to the Solstice. In some ways, fathers are like the sun. When we are young they are larger than life, we literally look up to them, bloom under their approval, and our world rises and sets with them.I'm sitting here at PSG with the sun rising over the swimming pond and thinking about my own father. His smile was broad and bright like sunshine. I called it his possum grin. He's the one who taught me to camp and gave me a love for nature. … [Read more...]

PSG: I Have Arrived

I'm blogging from Media Camp at PSG here in Earlville, IL. Some interesting things to know for the trip:Do not plan to stop and sleep in Mattoon, IL. There is a softball competition. There is no fast food in Earlville. If you want grub before you pitch tents grab it when you see it. There are mosquitos, so apply bug repellant before you set up camp. This place is beautiful. You're gonna love it.My tent is pitched, and one screen tent for interviewing/hanging out/eating is up, and a … [Read more...]