Almost to Pagan Spirit Gathering

I am writing to you from a Super 8 in Tuscola, IL that is like a Valhalla of hospitality after a full day on the road, and then being pushed ever further north in search of a room thanks to a softball competition. Who knew Mattoon, IL was such a big deal?I have literally been a ball of nerves for days, trying to plan, pack, take care of work stuff, put things in place before I leave, play Tetris with my equipment first in my car and then in the van. Truthfully I haven't been looking forward to … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Patrick McCollum, Last Chance at PSG, and American Gods

Pagan Spirit Gathering registration closes this evening, so if you're still wanting to attend you still can. Note that you can opt to just come for the last weekend. I understand a high turnout is expected, and I'm pulling my hair out as I try to do the gazillion things I need to do before hitting the road. I will be there hanging out with bloggers, podcasters and journalists. Feel free to stop by Media Camp and say hi! I'll be the one with the pink hair.Patrick McCollum has given a statement … [Read more...]

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2011: One Week Left on the Supply Run

*Registration closes on Monday the 13th!*Last year I was a festal virgin, but I return to PSG this year feeling like part of the community. Looking back over the interviews from last year, and contemplating all the friends made both during and after PSG thanks to the event, it strikes me once more how important festival culture is to the Pagan community. Some folks go to Heartland, or Starwood or Sacred Harvest Festival and find a home. For me it's Pagan Spirit Gathering.I'm an inveterate … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Coming Out, Pagan Spirit Gathering, and Pantheacon

Pagan Spirit Gathering has found a location for 2011! Read the full story at The Wild Hunt.Pantheacon has posted their schedule for 2011 and I'm excited! I'll be there at the PNC meet 'n' greet and on Jason Pitzl-Water's new media discussion panel.International Pagan Coming Out Day is May 2nd. Diana Rajchel interviews Cara Schulz about the concept of coming out and how to support those who are coming out as a Pagan. … [Read more...]

America’s Nature Religion for Children

Long before I encountered Thoreau, Whitman or even Teddy Roosevelt, I discovered America's nature religion tradition in a children's book.I think I was 11 and my family was in a big toy store. My brother was all excited about some video game or action figure and we had been in the store awhile. I was getting bored and irritated. I was not a fan of shopping even then. In the store we came across this long bin of books on sale. It's was something like 2 for $5. My father told me I could pick out … [Read more...]

Pagan Spirit Gathering Seeks New Home

You may remember that I fell in love this past summer. It was with a lovely family-friendly festival and all the amazing people who have made it happen for the past 30 years. I wrote about my experience at Pagan Spirit Gathering, Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt shared his thoughts on the unique event and the Pagan Centered Podcast processed endless hours of audio interviews from the festival. It's an amazing event that everyone should experience at least once, and now it needs a new … [Read more...]

The Love of Community

Samhain is close, October is hectic, my extended family experienced tragedy and I just got over being sick. At this moment I feel caught in a maelstrom: swept up, ground down and a little helpless.I've spoken before about the concentric rings of community I belong to. Right now with all the stress at this moment and all the various perspectives, personalities and dreams crashing about in the pan-Pagan communities it's tempting to lose hope. It's tempting to say "I do not wish to deal with … [Read more...]

Autism, Fundraising, Willy Wonka and Folk Music

Wired's Autism TestWired has an Autism test on their website. I found it when a friend took it and posted the results on Facebook. I decided to give it a whirl and was surprised by the results and intrigued by the questions. While the quiz isn't a medical opinion or diagnosis tool, it does offer interesting insight into the reality of people with Autism and Asperger's. Take a few minutes to take the quiz. I think you'll find it interesting. I did. My score was 29. What's yours?Circle … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Demons, Druids and Westboro Baptist

The most amazing thing about the internet is that a rich ecosystem of Pagan media is flourishing. I find myself consistently inspired and amazed by not only the great writers on Patheos but all across this virtual Pagandom we've created together.So before I run off to work on my own scribblings I have to share some of the most amazing things from the Pagan web this week:Pagan Centered Podcast is fabulous. I'm a huge fan, even when they go off on weird tangents. This week they happened to be … [Read more...]

Drama Llamas: An Interview with a Therapy Ninja

Morning meetings were one of my favorite parts of PSG. Along with the drumming, dancing, musicians, skits, satyrs in the daylight, announcements, sassy raffle ladies and chanting, the morning meeting also featured drama llamas!Truly talks to us about drama llamas, his memories of PSG and why PSG is such a unique event.So you know, Marty and all the other drama llamas, like the one below, only look sweet and innocent... … [Read more...]