Delphic Maxims: Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)

This series has garnered a bit more attention than I expected, with other bloggers joining me on this journey. Since some have asked, here is a full list of the Delphic Maxims. I thought people were familiar with these, but I find this is not the case. As a broad and comprehensive ancient ethical code, they deserve our consideration, even if not our acceptance.I'd especially like to thank Niki Whiting for pointing out that we all break the law at times. I've certainly run a red light in my … [Read more...]

Life, Liberty and the Institution of Marriage?

Yesterday I was reading Timothy Dalrymple's post on the gay marriage debate. Tim's a good fella but we don't agree on a whole lot. So it's not surprising when either of us disagree with something the other wrote. Yet something in his post made me do a double-take: But here’s the thing: no one ever claimed that the legal recognition of gay marriage is going to harm your marriage.  The claim is that it will harm the institution of marriage.  And, with all due respect, the institution of marriage is … [Read more...]

Pagan Values: Domestic Abuse, Rape and Rihanna’s “Man Down”

Domestic abuse survivor Rihanna has a new song about murder, which isn't news. Most genres of music are full of songs about death, murder and killing. I used to joke that parents worried about their kids should be just as concerned about violent folk music as violent rap. Yet the video for Rihanna's Man Down places the murder in the context of rape.This is what I find interesting: we don't blink an eye when a song invokes murder, but if it places the murder in the context of rape or domestic … [Read more...]

McCollum’s Case and Other News

I've got several links to share with you today, and then just a bit to say on the McCollum case.First, the rather hateful attack from a Christian blogger has had a surprising effect on the Circle of Mom's Faith Blogger contest: eight of the top twelve blogs are now Pagan, with the popular Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and The Pagan Mom Blog taking the 1st and 3rd spots respectively. Attacking a community tends to rally it, and boy did we rally! Congrats ladies!Patheos columnist Galina … [Read more...]