Everybody Say Love

I didn't have a lot of downtime this weekend really, but I'm in a really good mood this morning. Such a good mood that I'm setting aside what I had planned for this morning (including an essay on my experience with gay marriage) but instead I want to share this feeling of love and hope I have this morning.As we are quickly speeding towards mid-year, I have to reflect that 2012 has not been very kind to me, but I didn't expect the Year of the Dragon to be flowing with milk and honey for a dog … [Read more...]

Relying On Faith

I need to start this post with this note before getting on with the topic at hand. When I wrote about realizing that traditional Witchcraft was a Mystery Tradition and not a religion, I received a lot of positive feedback from trad folk. It was an odd thing, because they seemed to not understand I was in a very real way rejecting Wicca and traditional Witchcraft. My Craft experience was positive, and my initiation profoundly meaningful, and I recommend the experience to anyone, but for me it … [Read more...]

We Always Have Hope

I've been thinking a lot about Pandora lately. About how she let all the evils of the world, all the miasma, tragedy, depression, heartbreak, anger and violence just floated away. All she kept was hope. I know a lot of folks interpret this as a an Eve-esque story of woman inflicting evil on the world. It's true in Greek mythos Pandora, the all-gifted, is the first woman, but I don't think she inflicted evil on the world. I think she taught us how to let go.It's a valuable gift, the ability to … [Read more...]

Unpacking Your Life

I am in my new apartment, surrounded by boxes, bags and bins, finding new bruises on my arms and legs from the move and discovering sore muscles where I never before knew muscles existed. Outside my office window is a cottonwood tree, a member of the willow family which has spiritual significance for me, and I have discovered the place I was planning to put my altar faces true north. Life is good.Yet, now comes the strange and surreal process of unpacking my life. Of looking at my belongings … [Read more...]

Don’t You Mean God’s Husband?

Jason Pitzl-Waters wrote about the recent God's Wife controversy over at On Faith. As a dude he nailed it, and I suggest you open it in a new tab and read it through before you go further into my rant. Leave a comment and tell him you appreciate what he wrote.I've been avoiding this drama because it cuts too close to the bone. It makes my head begin to buzz like angry honey bees. It makes me clench my fist and grind my teeth. Y'all know I ain't the Goddessy type. I have no patience for … [Read more...]