Keeping Calm: Why I Prefer Tolerance

From what tiny scrap of info we have, it seems PSG made a poor judgement call. They have two women's only rituals this year, and one was run by a Dianic for cis-women only. Maybe if the timing of the two rituals had been switched it wouldn't have been such a big deal.I don't know. I'm not there. In all likelihood, neither are you.But this is the internet, and on the slightest rumor everyone gets their undies in a wad and goes ballistic.This seems to happen at every major Pagan event … [Read more...]

Should There Be Freedom Of Religion Within Paganism?

I was really freaking angry yesterday. I'm still processing my feelings of betrayal and being used over this issue, and angry to see so many people putting their agenda ahead of logic, reason, facts, and other people's rights.In trying to cool down and start seriously thinking about this whole brouhaha over Z. Budapest's ritual at PantheaCon, I realized it boiled down to a single issue: freedom of religion.If you deeply believe in menses magic, in celebrating and honoring the womb, … [Read more...]

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Apparently protests are going on at PantheaCon. T. Thorn Coyle has posted this on her FB page: Gender queers & trans allies at Pantheacon: I will sit in silent meditation outside San Martin/San Simeon at 8:45pm Sunday as counterpoint to "genetic women only" activity starting there at 9pm. All bodies=sacred. Pass it on. There are PNC members on the ground following the story and when they catch their breath they will be reporting the facts. It's a hectic conference and hard to find time to … [Read more...]

Missing PantheaCon and a Ritual of Exclusion

The only thing worse than not attending an awesome event, is seeing all the posts from everyone who is attending on social media.PantheaCon is awesome. It's like a big diversity fair showcasing the full spectrum of the Pagan community. There are really fantastic classes, presentations, rituals, music and people.While I can't make it this year, I do look forward to attending next year, and seeing all the amazing people that I only run into on the West Coast.This year I know a lot of … [Read more...]

When Hinduism Confuses and Frustrates Me

Modern Pagans consider many religions to be our spiritual cousins: Shinto, Vodou, Santeria, First Nations religions, etc... One of our spiritual cousins, from our point of view, is Hinduism: a religious movement as diverse and fluid as our own Paganism. Some Hindus feel the same way towards us, as evidenced by the presence of the Hindu American Foundation at PantheaCon last year.One thing I recall vividly from observing the HAF panel last year is how Hinduism is taught as monotheism, but … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Scott Reimers’ Separate but Equal is a Lie

There was recently a large conversation regarding people being turned away from rituals at Pantheacon due to gender.  As a man who was ineligible for 3 different women only rituals, my only complaint was the lack of clarity regarding requisites for attendance.I intuited that the specific ritual Thorn mentioned in Duality and Diversity: Gender at Pantheacon was women only.   You rarely see AMAZONS hold a Skyclad, "ecstatic, undulating, life-affirming ritual in honor of Lilith"... and as … [Read more...]

PantheaCon: Concerning Three Rituals

There were quite a few rituals at PantheaCon and unfortunately I couldn't make them all. I was determined that the rituals I did attend wouldn't be Wiccan so I could experience the rites of other Pagan religions. Here are my thoughts on the three rituals I was able to participate in over this hectic weekend.A Ritual for Our Neopagan Ancestors facilitated by the ADFAs so many of our elders have recently passed I really wanted to participate in in this ritual. The opening of the gates and call … [Read more...]

Brief Musings On Pantheacon 2011

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Doubletree  Hilton in San Jose watching folks who are leaving early, sipping coffee and trying to figure out how to convey this experience to you before I dash off to lurk in the back of Gus DiZerega's healing workshop.PantheaCon is a different sort of Pagan event. While my experience at Pagan Spirit Gathering was one of diverse people creating common community, PantheaCon is a celebration Pagan diversity, and it's an important Pagan networking event. This is an … [Read more...]

Arrived at PantheaCon!

Phew! Myself and other PNC members had some trouble with our flights but everyone is finally trickling in. I've peeked around corners, hugged some folks and finally got into the room to freshen up (aka smell less bad and look less crumpled) and get on the interwebs.PantheaCon is huge. I've honestly never seen anything like this. This very nice classy hotel is overrun with Pagans, and I love it. Such a vibrant, diverse and friendly group of people to have take over a gigantic hotel!The vendor … [Read more...]

Off to Pantheacon!

I'm off to Pantheacon bright and early in the morning. I look forward to seeing all the amazing folks there. The programming list looks excellent. Lots of hard choices to make about which workshops, rituals and concerts to attend. What I can guarantee is that I will be at the following events:The Pagan Newswire Collective is having a Meet 'n' Greet on Saturday, 5-7pm, at the COG/NWC/NROOGD Suite, and I will be there hanging with the PNC folks. These are really awesome, dedicated people. You … [Read more...]