Delphic Maxims: Respect Your Parents (Γονεις αιδου)

First let me send out some link love to all the folks also blogging through the Maxims:Aine Llewellyn tackles three at once, Anne Hatzakis takes on Follow God and Obey the Law, John Beckett gives a polytheistic take on Worship the Gods, and Niki Whiting takes on the difference between worship and devotion.With Mother's Day this weekend, and Father's Day next month, this is a good time to consider the 4th Maxim.I know a lot of Pagans have difficult relationships with their parents who … [Read more...]

A Brief Note to My Future Daughter

I have a Samhain ritual to attend tonight, and I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed and considered playing hooky from the blog today. Then I saw this post on "purity pledges" at the Friendly Atheist.It reminded me own my own fundamentalist Christian youth and of something I once read on a Pagan forum years ago. A man said it was his hope his daughter would have several marriage partners before she was married. He said he believed if his daughter was educated about sex and had pre-marital sex, then … [Read more...]

Motherhood: One Pagan’s Perspective

Mother's Day is tomorrow in the US. I'm an aunt, not a mother, although I have reached the age where the biological clock is ticking and I have to decide what that means to me.Having nieces and nephews gives you a sort of strange perspective on motherhood. You are close enough to see the challenges of being a mother and far enough away to analyze and think of how you would do things differently. While my nieces and nephews are the smartest, funniest and cutest children (and young adults) on … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Raising Up Strong Heathen Children

I do think it is a parent's responsibility to teach their child about their religion. I think the idea that a parent will not share their religion with their child and will instead “let them figure it out on their own” is somewhat harmful. Children need to be taught spiritual beliefs in the same way they are taught how to behave in public.If you do not teach your children about spirituality, the Gods, their Ancestors, and the way to live their lives in relation to the divine – then so … [Read more...]