So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!

On April Fools 2010 I began working with Patheos, and added my first post to this blog. It has been an amazing adventure, and like all adventures, it has come to an end. Effective today I am stepping down as Managing Editor of the Pagan Portal at Patheos.I never wanted to be a Big Name Pagan. Never wanted to be the next Buckland or Starhawk. Never wanted to be asked to speak at festivals. Never wanted to see my name on a book published by Llewellyn or Weiser. When I started here at Patheos I … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want To Live In A Pagan Ghetto

I'm taking this blog off-track for a moment. I had an eventful day yesterday involving my vehicle and the vehicles of my friends ending up in the shop for various mechanical failures. Which was ironic because one of the astrology blogs I follow mentioned some gloom and doom, and I brushed it off.So it was only this morning that I noticed Gus diZerega's latest post on Beliefnet: I think in the absence of a sincere apology from Kerby (NOT “I am sorry some were hurt” or “mistakes were made” bu … [Read more...]

Watch the Pagan Media Interview Gary Johnson

You can watch the interview with Gov. Gary Johnson right here.You can listen to the "post-mortem" on the Modern Witch Podcast right here.Stay tuned for my analysis tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Feast of The Good Galileans (or Star invents a Holiday)

There are days when I really hate Christians. I loathe them on those days. My wrath swells and my rage increases. I hate their dismissiveness. I hate their blindness to their own privilege. I hate their double standards. I hate their elitism and snobbery. I hate their bland platitudes, and their church clothes. I hate their taking over restaurants on a Sunday and that they dictate my shopping habits with their blue laws. I hate the fish plaques on minivans and the Jesus bumperstickers. It's not … [Read more...]