Pagan Soup: Patrick McCollum, Last Chance at PSG, and American Gods

Pagan Spirit Gathering registration closes this evening, so if you're still wanting to attend you still can. Note that you can opt to just come for the last weekend. I understand a high turnout is expected, and I'm pulling my hair out as I try to do the gazillion things I need to do before hitting the road. I will be there hanging out with bloggers, podcasters and journalists. Feel free to stop by Media Camp and say hi! I'll be the one with the pink hair.Patrick McCollum has given a statement … [Read more...]

Pagan Values: Justice, David Barton & the McCollum Decision

A while back, without so much as asking Jason of The Wild Hunt, I kicked off a campaign to get him on The Daily Show to provide a different perspective on David Barton and his activities. Barton's interview made me angry and I knew his organization, Wallbuilders, has been a factor in keeping Patrick McCollum from having his day in court. I sat and fumed. I pondered. So I decided the best thing to do would be have someone informed, but not involved with the case, on to rebut Barton's … [Read more...]

McCollum’s Case and Other News

I've got several links to share with you today, and then just a bit to say on the McCollum case.First, the rather hateful attack from a Christian blogger has had a surprising effect on the Circle of Mom's Faith Blogger contest: eight of the top twelve blogs are now Pagan, with the popular Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and The Pagan Mom Blog taking the 1st and 3rd spots respectively. Attacking a community tends to rally it, and boy did we rally! Congrats ladies!Patheos columnist Galina … [Read more...]

Productive Anger: Get The Wild Hunt on The Daily Show

Some days, anger overwhelms me. Some days it is hard to look at my wonderful friends and neighbors and remember that not all Christians are hateful. Instead, some days all I can focus on is the hateful, to watch them with a wary eye full of distress.When the Washington Times thinks it's appropriate to publish a column stating the Air Force Academy is "pandering" to my "fringe" religion, despite the fact that Pagans have fought and died for this country, I get angry. Around the 1950s, fringe … [Read more...]

Awesome Pagan Stuff, oh, and Mother Teresa’s Evil?

First a quick run through on awesome Pagan things going on in the world:Patrick McCollum received the Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism from the Hindu American Foundation. He will be attending the American Academy of Religion's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on Samhain weekend along with Chas Clifton, Helen Berger, Margot Adler, Michael York and other Pagan scholars, movers and shakers. You only need to pay admission to access certain portions of the conference, so … [Read more...]