All About The Love: Congrats to the Wigglian Way!

I don't listen to enough Pagan podcasts. I'd be a better person if I did.Tonight I ran across Tim Titus' post on the Juggler for the 100th episode of The Wigglian Way. I can't like Tim's post enough, and you should go read it right now: From the very beginning, The Wigglian Way has been “all about the love.”  In a minority faith, it is so easy to use the platform of a popular podcast to rail against the oppressions of the majority faith.  In a community plagued by witch wars, it can be so … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Gary Johnson, Wild Hunt podcast and Autism Month

Cara Schulz Hung Out With Gary Johnson Yup, a presidential candidate hung out with a Hellenic polytheist for a day. Could you imagine Ross Perot hanging out with Selena Fox? Me neither.Cara has written about the experience over on PNC-MN and it's worth a read. Even if you don't agree with his politics, it's refreshing to read something political without it being full of "God! Gays! Abortion!" The Wild Hunt Has A Podcast Jason has created a weekly podcast that looks deeply into news … [Read more...]