Imperfect Gods: English to Polish to English

Hera gave Heracles her friendship and daughter in marriage because she admired his striving for excellence against all odds. She had given him a hard time because he had been given gifts tricked out of her which made him superior to other mortal men, but is she to blame that he let the stress of adversity lead him to commit murder?

Rutilius got a kick out of my post Worshiping An Imperfect God, and asked to translate it into Polish. And since my life has been very much about going with the flow over the past couple of weeks, I said "Sure, why not?" So for entertainment value I used Google Translate on the Polish translation to pull it back into English. Google did a pretty decent job. I do not believe in perfection (perfection). I do not believe in the integrity of things. I do not believe in purity. I do not believe in … [Read more...]