Ayn Rand: Godmother of Satanism

Funny how folks inspire movements unintentionally. Kirkegaard was a devout Christian and would probably be a bit dismayed at the Existentialist movement his writings gave fruit to, and just so, I don't think Ayn Rand really expected to inform Satanist philosophy.Joe Carter (really nice guy) writes over on First Things: Perhaps most are unaware of the connection, though LaVey wasn’t shy about admitting his debt to his inspiration. “I give people Ayn Rand with trappings,” he once told the Washi … [Read more...]

Voting By Faith in 2012: The Founding Fathers Couldn’t Get Elected Today

Evangelicals crack me up. They really do. I have friends and family who are Evangelical and they say the darnedest things. There may be no two more distant points on the religious spectrum than a Pagan and an Evangelical, particularly when it comes to politics. Right now Evangelicals seem to be in a tizzy over whether or not they can support a *gasp* Mormon for president.I know this is a big deal to them, because they see Mormons as so theologically different from themselves, even though … [Read more...]

Pagan Response to bin Laden’s Death

While I was recovering from Beltaine festivities one of the most wanted men in the world was killed. My reaction is decidedly lacking in oomph in either direction. I am neither celebrating nor mourning the loss of life.I don't care which president gets credit. It's taken us 10 years to find him and two wars. I feel as if Menelaus is suddenly expecting an 'atta boy for finally defeating the Trojans. If you want to pat someone on the back it should be the service members that actually come under … [Read more...]

Pagans on the Middle East: Intro

Nothing is going as planned today. Somehow the tv ended up stuck on a documentary about a female Jewish reporter who was a PhD by 20 and covered some pivotal Jewish history. Not only did Ruth Gruber greet and interview Jewish refugees coming to the US, she also covered the journey of the ship Exodus and captured the picture of the swastika drawn on the Union Jack.One thing she said stuck with me, because it's something I'd wondered myself since I was a child. She said no one was offering to … [Read more...]

Gov. Bentley Ain’t My Brother (And That’s Just Dandy)

Everyone is hooting and hollering and getting in a huff over Governor Robert Bentley stating in church that he only considers Christians to be his brothers and sisters, although he’d like more people to embrace Christ so he can count them as “family”. I find myself for once standing back and wondering what the hoopla is all about.You see, we’ve been saying for some time now that someone’s religious beliefs shouldn’t be a litmus test for their fitness for public office. It shouldn’t matter if a … [Read more...]

When Good Pagans Do Nothing

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Leo Tolstoy My Southern Baptist upbringing taught me that I was in the world but not of it. I was not to be concerned with worldly things, or to seek to engage with the world on it's terms. I was to let that pass by and concern myself with the kingdom of God. My parents and some of my teachers at church had that old-school pre-politicized Evangelical worldview. There was a feeling that this world is run by Satan and … [Read more...]

Tragedy in AZ: Candles and Oranges Do Not An Occultist Make

I thought the worst news I would hear this morning would be that the power is out. Since Georgia is bogged down in Snowpocalypse 2011 I was prepared for that inconvenience. Power is humming away and phones/internet is on. I switched on my laptop and read the news. My mistake. It's bad enough ordinary citizens are taking their speculation to the extremes but the NY Daily News has decided to jump to conclusions ahead of it's readers.Now there's a lot of speculation on Jared Lee Loughner's … [Read more...]

Tragedy in Arizona: Pagan Perspective on Political Violence

Like the rest of you, I'm glued to the breaking news regarding the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and several others at a public event in Arizona. I'm sad, I'm angry and I'm bewildered and I don't even know anyone in Arizona. My grief is that of an American and cannot compare to the grief of the families and friends of both the victims and the shooter. I cannot imagine what they must be going through and I'm sure the media and speculation only makes this worse for them.Most forms of Paganism … [Read more...]

Bad Manners (A Holiday Rant)

There are a lot of things I could write about today. Black Friday. Buy Nothing Day. The 13 Things I LOVE About Pagans post I'm working on. Instead, this cornbred fed and Southern bred Witch would like to say a few words about bad manners.For Thanksgiving I was a guest in a relative's home. We were sharing holiday hospitality duties, yet still I was a guest in her home. I did my best to do my part and be helpful and respectful. Even when it meant holding my tongue. You see, another guest was my … [Read more...]

Religion and Politics

What is it about religion and politics? Why do we feel compelled to marry the two? I see other faith traditions become mired in it and occasionally see other Pagans dig hip deep into it, not merely as people but as Pagans. I confess I have a hard time understanding this.For me, if it wasn't for politicians cropping up who feel a need to attack my faith, I don't think I'd ever mix the two. Certainly my faith informs my values and my values inform my political opinion but that goes for every … [Read more...]