Mars, Sikhs, Hindus and Polyamory! Oh My!

Way too much going on today for me to focus on one thing.First of all, my heart aches for the Sikh community. Unlike the meaningless loss of the Aurora shooting, this apparently had a motivation that you can articulate your grief against. This is one hate crime among many, and one that leaves me with a profound sense of sorrow that people are still committing violence over ethnicity here in this country. I want us to be better than this. All my love and sympathy to the Sikh community of … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Family.. On TV: Terisa Greenan, Sister Wives and Polyamorous Music

Back in October I caught the flu. The real deal. Influenza. I lay on my sofa, drooling on my pillow, shivering under blankets and watching reality tv. I am not generally a fan of reality tv. I tend to watch it on very rare occasions, but being sick, I decided to give Sister Wives a go.I watched the first two seasons straight through, broken up by naps and potty breaks. I expected I'd dislike Kody Brown and that I'd be generally annoyed by all the Mormon cheeriness. Instead, I saw a family … [Read more...]

TV Docu-Reality Looking For Pregnant Pagans

Reprinted with permission from PNC-Minnesota.Sirens Media is producing a new season of the TV docu-reality series, “I’m Pregnant And…” which airs on the Discovery Fit & Health network. Topics covered in the series vary from medical conditions to alternative lifestyles or unique circumstances.  The reality show, in its second season, is a six-part series, and each 30-minute episode follows an expectant mom through her day-to-day routine while dealing with the ups and downs of pregnanc … [Read more...]