Should There Be Freedom Of Religion Within Paganism?

I was really freaking angry yesterday. I'm still processing my feelings of betrayal and being used over this issue, and angry to see so many people putting their agenda ahead of logic, reason, facts, and other people's rights.In trying to cool down and start seriously thinking about this whole brouhaha over Z. Budapest's ritual at PantheaCon, I realized it boiled down to a single issue: freedom of religion.If you deeply believe in menses magic, in celebrating and honoring the womb, … [Read more...]

Paganism: What We Can Learn From Star Trek

We all know the jokes. Heathens are Klingons, Recons are Vulcans, and oh, there are a lot of choices for the Borg nowadays. Back when I first heard the joke, Llewellyn was the Borg, but Witch School might make as amusing a candidate nowadays.Jokes aside, I think there are a lot of similarities between Modern Paganism and the Star Trek canon. The United Federation of Planets, and it's exploration/peacekeeping/diplomatic arm Starfleet, aims to promote peace, justice, liberty, cooperation, and by … [Read more...]

Pagans on the Middle East: Intro

Nothing is going as planned today. Somehow the tv ended up stuck on a documentary about a female Jewish reporter who was a PhD by 20 and covered some pivotal Jewish history. Not only did Ruth Gruber greet and interview Jewish refugees coming to the US, she also covered the journey of the ship Exodus and captured the picture of the swastika drawn on the Union Jack.One thing she said stuck with me, because it's something I'd wondered myself since I was a child. She said no one was offering to … [Read more...]

Armageddon in Azeroth

After a few weeks away from World of Warcraft I finally got my tech issues fixed and spent all last night downloading the Cataclysm expansion and patches. I was ready and raring this morning to play my "space-goat" death knight and get new gear for my lovably dorky paladin. I didn't want to think about religion, or Pagans, or eschatology. I wanted to get cool new gear and leveling my mining skills. I wanted to get my game on! Yet as I began to wander around the quaint, old-world style Stormwind … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Gleeks, Rock Gods, O’Donnell and Your Thoughts on Evil

Glee on SpiritualityGlee has touched on spirituality before. Both Rachel and Puck are Jewish and Quinn's parents are very conservative Christians. Last night Glee decided to feature songs about spirituality and while I groaned at first the episode actually turned out nicely, if a bit preachy. The issue of non-believers right to not have religion forced on them, particularly in a school environment was a nice touch.While the episode felt heavy for Glee, and Glee has tackled heavy subjects in … [Read more...]