Regarding the War on Halloween

I've been joking about writing a piece on "the War on Halloween" for a few weeks now, because from a Pagan perspective it's such an absurd topic. Yet the more I joked the more it seemed a good idea.You see, the truth is, Halloween is a secular holiday. It doesn't belong to any religion. What we know as Halloween today began as an excuse for bored Edwardians to party and scare the crap out of each other. It kept going because it was fun, and after two World Wars the West needed an excuse for … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Peter Dybing shares a 9/11 Ritual for Tolerance

911 Ritual for Tolerance and Remembrance Many in our community have expressed shock and dismay at the trend towards religious intolerance that has developed as the anniversary of 911 approaches. As a response, the following short ritual is provided as a way that we can express our collective intent for a peaceful and tolerant world on September 11, 2010. In calling the quarters and inviting the Lord and the Lady care should be taken to summon deities and energies that represent openness, … [Read more...]

Remembering 9/11

(Warning: some of the descriptions below are graphic and may be disturbing for some readers.)It’s the aftermath of 9/11 I remember the most: people wandering like ghosts through silent streets for days after the towers fell; the echoing silence everywhere, a silence so profound it was nearly palpable; the scorched and smoky smell that permeated everyplace Downtown, that made the heart jump and the throat close up with remembered horror; the open-hearted camaraderie that reached across race, … [Read more...]