Drama Llamas: An Interview with a Therapy Ninja

Morning meetings were one of my favorite parts of PSG. Along with the drumming, dancing, musicians, skits, satyrs in the daylight, announcements, sassy raffle ladies and chanting, the morning meeting also featured drama llamas!Truly talks to us about drama llamas, his memories of PSG and why PSG is such a unique event.So you know, Marty and all the other drama llamas, like the one below, only look sweet and innocent... … [Read more...]

Bella and SkyCat: Memories of PSG

While at Pagan Spirit Gathering 2010 I got the chance to sit down with SkyCat and Bella, who began the Bast ritual at PSG. They have some excellent stories to share, so I hope you take a moment to listen to their interview! … [Read more...]

Pagan Spirit Gathering Stories Remix 1

Podcast AudioHere's the first in a series of podcasts featuring stories and impressions recorded at the 30th annual Pagan Spirit Gathering hosted by Circle Sanctuary at Camp Zoe in Salem, MO. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Spell for Friendship

Spell for Friendship and Sisterhood This spell is to be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have friends present if possible. you could make it an old fashioned tea party. Wear organic clothing, each individual pick their favourite colour of the rainbow, then come dressed in that colour. On the table have a beautiful mixed coloured candle or a cluster of many coloured ones; have a small bowl or basket with moonstones in it, one for each friend; have a plate (or several plates) of … [Read more...]

Consensus Reality: Impressions From PSG

I recently got back from Pagan Spirit Gathering at Camp Zoe in Salem, MO, and it was a fascinating look at consensus reality in action.You may not recognize the term "consensus reality" but most Pagans have practiced it at some point or other. Consensus reality is the idea that if enough people believe the same things then those things become reality. Consensus reality is what I think of as grey magic: the intent informs the ethics of the practice. Examples of consensus reality are the … [Read more...]

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Fresh From Festival

Sunkissed and bug-bit I am fresh from a private Pagan festival. The covens of my tradition came together last weekend for classes, rituals and partying in a moonless night.I don't have anything really deep to say about it but with PSG gearing up I thought I'd share some random thoughts from the weekend.First, Pagans are truly fabulous people. Being in the woods with Witches was a really incredibly beautiful experience. They are such warm, mindful, thoughtful people. I truly love my faith … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Litha – Sunwheels Alight

Midsummer (or Litha, Sonnenwende, Sankthansaften, Midsommardagen, etc.), is without a doubt, a day with heavy connections to the sun. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Midsummer is the longest ‘day’ of the year, as the sun appears in the sky for far longer than any other day of the year. In certain places of the Northern hemisphere including parts of Scandinavia, the sun may never fully set, giving locals an eye-witness view to what’s colloquially known as a ‘midnight sun’. As su … [Read more...]

Faery Friends, Fun and Fellowship

I spent an amazing day Saturday. We had a fundraiser this past weekend for Front Range Pagan Pride, a Faery Frolic! It was a beautiful day and we had a really nice local shop to have it. We had readers and vendors, entertainment and AWESOME food (shameless plug for North Woods Inn in Littleton, CO).We had a kids Faery Craft booth where kids of all ages could make Faery wands and Faery doors to invite the fae into their homes. It was great to see them having fun using markers and ribbons and … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Ritual Symbolism in the Northern Tradition

Most of those who come to our religion, come first from some form of Christianity. Let's put ourselves in a hypothetical situation for a moment. Let's say you know nothing about Christianity, and you find yourself at a Catholic service. At the conclusion of the service, Communion is given to those appropriate believers in the church. As an outsider you can watch this process, and somehow understand that the bread/wafer they're eating, and the beverage they're drinking has some sort of ritual … [Read more...]

Journeying to the Otherland: A Meditation Practice

Meditation often popularly thought of as zen meditation, with a clear blank mind. That's really only one sort of meditation. I'd like to share a meditation I have used to connect with my Gods, ancestors and spirits.Journeying is somewhat shamanic. It is basically the practice of intentionally sending your consciousness from this land and into the Otherland. There are a lot of metaphysical explanations for how this works and why, but as I get older I find the practice itself is far more … [Read more...]