The Shunned Transformation

Will you come with me and watch part of a sacred transformation that most of us close our eyes to and avoid?  It won't be comfortable for you and it certainly wasn't for me.   It's not like many of the other joyous Rites of Passage that Pagans throw themselves into with wild abandon.  It’s raw and painful and normally very private, but it shouldn't be shunned like some shameful secret.  I'm not sharing this to shock or repulse or thrill.  I'm sharing it in honor of my grandmother, Selma, who was … [Read more...]

Initiation variety pack

I was first initiated into a religious tradition when I was twelve years old. I underwent a symbolic death and rebirth, was ritually cleansed, and was recognized as a member of the spiritual family with a celebratory feast. That is to say, I joined the Baptist church.Since then I've undergone several more initiations: into a Taoist temple, by the Gods, into Feri, and when defending my MFA thesis. They vary in details, but the same elements tend to be there in various combinations: a ritual … [Read more...]

White Witch Day

White Witch dayMonthly Ritual of ‘Craft Solidarity’My coven uses the 11th of each month; it is a power number and well suited; to ensure the day is a visible declaration of pure Goddess intent make it a WHITE day.Wear white clothes, as you do the housework, to the office, tie a white ribbon in daughter’s hair for the day at school, or men wear a white button hole. If you are really motivated bring it into every sector of your day, light white candles instead of using light bulbs, make a … [Read more...]