13 Songs for Lammas/Lughnasadh!

Lammas is upon us. John Barleycorn must die. I must once again harvest Youtube for a playlist worthy of the season.As we approach Lammas I've been thinking about the concept of sacrifice a good bit. I'm not certain how the ritual I attend will play out, but generally the Corn King is cut down. I may have teased some of the male members of my coven about getting whacked, but that only led me to think about how I will never play the Corn King in ritual. Gender in Wiccan theology is … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: Honoring the Fallen

Let's not forget those who have fought and fallen to protect our freedom to kick back and debate our religious communities' issues.Selena Fox is doing a ceremony to honor Pagan Military Dead this morning, and asks folks to check out the Pagan Military Association page on Facebook.Celia, who wrote the anthem "Symbol" in response to the pentacle quest is offering a free download of the song today on ReverbNation.I found myself drawn to revisit The Wild Hunt post from May 6th, in which … [Read more...]

Lent for Pagans

I've spent the past several years of Pagan life feeling superior about Lent.This is also how I felt growing up fundamentalist Protestant. The Bible said nothing about Lent. So we didn't do Lent. I'd see my Catholic friends giving up things they enjoyed, like chocolate or French fries. And I wouldn't taunt them about it, but I did not see the point. You like chocolate, eat chocolate. What's the problem?As a Pagan, I felt much more in tune with Laissez le bon temps roulez. St. Louis has … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Amanda Thomas on The Importance of Hospitality

One thing that ADF-style ritual is very big on is sacrifice. During the course of a ritual, I give sacrifices of barley and oats to the Earth Mother, I give incense to the fire, silver to the well, and enjoy anointing the tree with oil. I give sacrifices to the three Kindred (the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Gods). In short, I give something for everyone that is invited to share in the sacredness of ritual space and time.It tends to make a girl count all the offerings before the … [Read more...]

Dying To Make Men Free

I'm a Southern girl, born and bred. I've had family serve during almost every military conflict from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam. I grew up on Gone With The Wind, trips to Fort Sumter and watching the laser show dance across the faces of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson at Stone Mountain. Despite this, I have no love for Southern romanticism regarding the Civil War. In fact, although I am a history buff, I tend to not dwell on it if I can help it. It carries deep emotion and infinite … [Read more...]