As Above, So Below

I've been watching How the Universe Works and I'm fascinated. I think the thing I'm fascinated by most is how Wiccan cosmology and theology gives me a framework through which to understand the science before me. Though scientists are describing matter and antimatter as a battle between "good and evil" I'm seeing polarity in action. The opposites, the tension, these basic building blocks creating such wondrous diversity.I think the thing that fascinates me the most is this strange … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Lord Gothwen, Geocentrism and Hephaestus Anthology

I woke up this morning intending to write a rip-roaring post but instead I found sad news waiting for me.Lord Gothwen PassesI did not know Lord Gothwen but I know he spent decades in service to the Craft. He lived in California, worked at Apple Inc and expressed regret at not being able to attend Lady Sintana's memorial. Beyond that his stories are gone forever, with the exception of memories of family and friends. He was only 52.Lady Larina of RavenStone, my "spiritual grandmother", knew … [Read more...]

A Very Merry Mithras: Godless Holiday Special

Last year the BBC ran a fabulous humanist/atheist holiday special. I think this is pretty awesome. While obviously the language, views and humor might offend religious people, I think this is a fabulous tribute to science and a rather funny look at religions and the holiday season. It's nice to see another belief system get a holiday special! … [Read more...]