M. Macha NightMare: Bone Blossom Channels Spiderwoman | Season of the Witch

Guest post by M. Macha NightMare for our Season of the Witch series, recounting the stories of Witches.My late friend Bone Blossom had a huge loom in her living room upon which she wove all manner of wonderful cloth. For the direct action at Lawrence Livermore Labs, at which there was a large contingent of Reclaiming Witches and other Earth-loving Pagans -- I recall this as being at Brigit of 1982 -- she created an open weaving for demonstrators to interweave flowers and feathers, photographs … [Read more...]

The Gospel of the Witches | Season of the Witch

For October I'm focusing on Witches and their stories, and it seems appropriate to begin with Aradia.Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches (or Vangelo della Streghe) is a strange text, as strange as any scripture any other religion can boast. When recently ill I grabbed it to read between fever dreams, and just like when I read it as a young Witch over a decade ago, I was enchanted and disturbed.The Gospel, or Vangelo, contains a creation story, a nativity story, worship instructions and stories … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Season of the Witch, Church/Jail, and Culture/Religion

I have been under the weather and now I feel better I've got several things I want to touch on. So I'm going to try to breeze through them quickly.What Church Wants To Be A Jail?One thing I've only seen one person bring up in this church or jail story, is what church wants to be equated with jail? Seriously? And what religious organization wants to develop, staff and implement a rehabilitation program for criminals? Pagans have a hard enough time just keeping basic services for law-abiding … [Read more...]